Cricket – Functional Training Conference

This was another really fun day. It was along day of teaching. I lectured all morning, basically providing the theoretical foundation for the afternoon practical sessions. I find this a very stimulating environment. There is a great combination of young physio’s and coaches and very experienced people. As I reflect back on yesterday and look forward to another day of teaching, I can not help but think this that this is like the good old days 15 –20 years ago in the states before the explosion of commercialization and personal training. This is all about real world coaching. When I get back, I fly back tomorrow morning, I plan on taking a few days off after going for about three months straight and then I post some more specific comments on what I learned here.


At 9/29/06, 7:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This is all about real world coaching."

Can you please explain?

At 9/29/06, 8:31 AM, Anonymous harrowdrive said...

It's good to know the top end of cricket is keeping it as real as we are trying to do in club cricket.


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