Real World Coaching

I made a comment in my Friday blog about real world coaching and someone wanted me to comment on what I meant by that. To me real world coaching is getting down and dirty, working in the field, in the weight room making a long term with an athlete or a group of athletes to see them through a training year or a career. It involves dealing with the “24 Hour” athlete not this hours client. It is very labor intensive and involves an ever changing blend of sports science, coaching and above all art and feel for the athlete. It can be no teach or high tech depending on the situation. It is about accountability and results; it is coaching as a way of life. A good coach must equally as committed as any great athlete. It is more than writing workouts, it being there during the glory times and during the down times. It is not about fame and fortune; it is about personal satisfaction in a job well done, that is real world coaching.


At 10/4/06, 3:18 AM, Anonymous harrowdrive said...

Life brings a lot of pressures on our time and attention. To keep an overriding principle such as you describe allows coachs to maintain focus on what really matters.


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