Each training year with each group that I work with I have a global theme. This year with the 2008 Venice Volleyball team the theme is Connections. Last year it was ICE – Intensity, Concentration and Effort. I chose connections because that is precisely what we want to do, make connections. Make connections from the exercises to the movements they execute in volleyball skills and make connections between all the links in the body to get everything working together. I try to take advantage of this theme to remind them of why they are doing exercises, in essence to make it more mindful rather than mindless work. It amazing to see the returning players get it, for the young freshmen it is still a bit too abstract, for them it is still work, but they will get it.


At 1/25/08, 8:18 PM, Blogger Dr Craig S. Duncan said...

hi VERN that is a great idea thanks for your neverending logic


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