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Let be clear about one thing props like foam rollers cannot be a focal point. They are just that, props. In the scheme of a training system and in the smaller scheme of the actual workout they are a small segment of the big picture. I am bothered when in my travels I see foam rollers the focal point of a warm-up. They are a remedial tool to be used sparingly and individually. In 1996 with the Tampa Mutiny professional soccer team I had six players that had a five minute routine on rollers to address specific issues that had never been addressed in their careers. They were veteran players who had developed some serious issues in then hip and groin area. The point is that this tool worked well for those players in that time and place, but there was no universal application to the rest of the team.


At 1/29/08, 12:22 AM, Blogger Austin Sports Performance Trainer said...

This is an interesting post, because you certainly see a lot of training routines that always have the athlete beginning with foam rolling. What were the issues your five soccer players had that you used foam rolling to address? More specifically, when do you find foam rolling most useful. I think a lot of us just assume that foam rolling is a good thing as maintenance to keep the tissue more uniform and functioning.


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