Holy Rollers!

Rolling around on a foam roller is not warm-up. Forget all that activation crap and get back to a real warm-up that gets everything connected. This is another fad that creates a dependency on a piece of foam roller, you don’t need it, learn to tune into your body. Sure I use foam roller, about three minutes in a 7 day microcycle, usually in cooldown for someone who has IT Band issues. Let put the warm-up back into warm-up. Go to my web site www.gambetta.com then go to the resources page for a free download of a dynamic mutli-stage warm-up. Better yet see my DVD, Warm-up and Preparation that covers the warm-up from A to Z. There is even some cooldown foam roller exercises in it.


At 1/24/08, 9:16 AM, Blogger Pendwa said...


I would love to access www.gambett.com/resources but it comes back "not found." Help?



At 1/24/08, 8:00 PM, Anonymous Mark Crabtree said...


I don't like foam roll as part of the warm-up. But in certain situations I do like it for post-workout or in between workouts as part of a recovery tool. 5-6 minutes is all you need.

Mark Crabtree MS,ATC,CSCS

At 1/24/08, 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not include them as part of the warm-up, workout, or cool-down process, but I believe they can be a useful tool (when needed) in an athlete's routine before or after those activities. For the athletes that do use it, they rarely do so more than a few minutes.

Mike Bahn


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