Aging Study

A short report on my ongoing aging study, on Wednesday I turned 61 so I decided on Thursday to test myself with a good workout. I have to say this workout made feel 61! I have tight hip flexor but I decided to tough it out and do the workout with my beach volleyball players. The leg circuit was done with a sandbag that was about 20% bodyweight. The little sadistic addition to the leg circuit was the hurdle unders at the conclusion of the leg circuit, needless to say that put the icing on the cake. Today I am driving to Jacksonville (Four Hour Drive) to spend the weekend with the South Sydney Rabbitohs Rugby League team visiting from Australia; I will probably have to stop every fifty miles to stretch my hip flexor. Here is the workout – it was a killer.


Mini Band

Med Ball – Walking Rotations

Lunge & Reach


Standing Core

Jumping Jack Core

Strength Train

KB Swing

3 x 8 Two Arm

High Box SLS 3 x 6 (with Kettlebell)

Dumbbell Complex x 5

High Pull x 6

Alt DB Press x 6 each arm

Db Squat x 6

Db One Arm Row x 6

Leg Circuit x 4 (3 with Sandbag – 1 without load)

SB Squat x 10

SB Lunge x 5 each leg

SB Step-up x 5 each leg

Ice Skater x 10

Hurdle Under x 1 each side

Cooldown & Stretch

Hurdle Overs x 6


At 1/18/08, 8:14 AM, Blogger The Iron Maven said...

Pretty nifty for an old codger! Joe P., how can we keep up with this guy?

Happy B-day, Vern. I wish you flexible hips and safe travels always.


At 1/18/08, 9:00 AM, Blogger Joe P. said...

Yes- it was pretty intimidating to see a 60 year old single leg bound onto one leg and stick his landing during a demonstration. With no warmup I might add.

At 1/18/08, 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does the phrase go ? I am not as good as I once was, but I am as good once as I ever was. We will see how Vern feels over the next few days. In 6 weeks I will try to surpass by 2 years a goal I set for myself when I was 22 which was be able to dunk a basketball when I turned 40. I did it a few weeks ago but do not feel like I can come close now. Vern does inspire me to the point I think I get myself in trouble sometimes. Keep it up though Vern. We are what we train to be!

Mark Day


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