CJW Sports Medicine

This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing a staff development session with the ATC’s PT and PTA’s and Athletic Development Staff at CJW sports medicine in Richmond Virginia. This is an amazing group of professionals who have embraced a functional approach to therapy and return to play with great results. I always leave there energized and excited because of the approach they take. They are part of my GAIN Network. From day one they have taken a can do attitude. Never once in the times I have been there have I heard people say we have tried that and it doesn’t work or that is for athletes, it won’t work with the normal population. Go there and you will see workmen’s comp patients doing hurdle walks and stepping stones. They create an atmosphere where the patient can’t help but get better. On Saturday they hosted their first annual Sports Medicine Conference which was a great success. There were over a 100 people in attendance.


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