It has almost become trite to say that the body is a kinetic chain with all the parts connected. Every workout reminds me of this. Yesterday I started with Venice girl’s volleyball in preparation for the 2008 season. It was amazing to see the kids who were beginning the second year of the program. They have mastered the ABC’s and the multiplication tables of movement, they can make connections. Contrast this to the freshmen who are beginning the program. In warm-up during the balance single squats you could clearly see the inability to connect. Interestingly enough the girl who had the greatest difficulty with balance and subsequently the single leg squat has a history of knee problems. She came to me after the workout and asked me if I had exercises for her knee. I explained to her that after the second workout I would give her a special remedial routine that would be her volleyball homework, but that it would not focus on the knee. Instead it would emphasize the hip, the ankle and balance. I explained to her that the knee is somewhat helpless because it is stuck in the middle with no place to go. It all comes down to all the pieces working together and connecting to produce efficient coordinated flowing movement. In fact I have decided that out training theme for the year will be connections. I will keep you posted on our progress. This is a great group of young ladies who are willing to challenge themselves and do the work. It will be fun!


At 1/16/08, 8:55 AM, Blogger Joe P. said...

Happy Birthday Vern!

At 1/16/08, 6:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic post Vern! It is easy to get sucked into focusing on the pieces and parts and lose sight of the whole. Your post reminded me that it's important to keep the whole person in mind as well, not just their training regimen. A girls soccer team I work with came to a training session this week tired and unfocused. The training load had not been heavy. Then I found out it was finals week for the semester and they were scrambling to get all their tests and papers in before leaving for a tournament in Florida on Friday. We adjusted the schedule and the training sessions for the week to be more about maintenance and mental relief. We'll pick up the hard work again next week. I was thinking of all the elements of an athlete's life that are connected in the same way the parts of the body are connected in a chain. Always need to be seeing the whole. Thanks for the great reminder.

Tim Clark


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