Cascade Effect

The cascade effect is the tendency of scientists and experts to echo the opinion of their peers even if they are unfamiliar with the research in question. You see this all the time when the headlines from a study published in a scientific journal are splashed in the popular press. A few points are taken out of context and then those points become fact and are passed around as facts, much like an urban myth. This happens all the time in Athletic Development and rehabilitation. It usually starts with a statement something like this: “Did you hear what so and so did in workout or have you seen that video of Chubby champion on you tube.” Then the cascade starts, everyone jumps on the bandwagon without checking the “facts.” Unfortunately I have been there and done that. The result was chaos, programs that were all over the place. If you have a clearly defined philosophy and a system to implement that philosophy then you have a context to evaluate training trends, fads and other ideas. Stay grounded, know your foundational principles and stick to them. Do not get caught up in the monkey see monkey do syndrome.


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