Good Research Readings

Two good symposiums:

Training for Endurance and Strength: Lessons from Molecular Biology in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise Volume 38, #11. November 2006, PP. 1939 to 1970

Altitude/Hypoxic Training: Research- Based Evidence and Practical Application in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise Volume 39, #9. September 2007, PP. 1587 to 1631

You will need to put your thinking caps on as my first grade teacher used to say, but these two symposiums’ have many pearls. I must admit the molecular biology was a bit daunting but it has inspired to learn more about this area. The Altitude symposium is a must with all the buzz about altitude chambers and “live high train low ideas.” Personally having lived some of this with the Oregon Project there is much that still needs to be learned.


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