Drayer Physical Therapy Institute National Conference

I spent the last four days at the Drayer Sports Medicine Conference in Hilton Head South Carolina. I gave two talks: Functional Training of Lower Kinetic Chain For Return to Sport and Current Concepts and Techniques for Core Strengthening. Go to www.gambetta.com/resources for the outlines of my talks.

For me this conference was somewhat of a home coming because I got see and visit many of the people that used to be involved with Joyner Sports medicine. The Thursday focus was on the foot, ankle and knee. I really enjoyed the presentations by Dr Chris Power from USC and Craig Bennett MD and Mary Lloyd Ireland MD. Their presentations were thought provoking and informative. I could not help but think how neat it would be to work with doctors like this who get it and are open to dialogue.

A feature of these conferences is the anatomical dissections that lead off each day. It always reminds that anatomical structure is a huge factor in dictating function. This serves a reminder to me to spend ten minutes a day with my Primal Picture DVD’s reviewing anatomy.

My other thought is that more Athletic Development coaches could really benefit by attending conferences like this. It definitely gets you out of your comfort zone. I want to thank the Drayer people for the opportunity to present. I was a very positive professional experience.


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