The Marion Jones Tragedy

This is a real tragedy because this is young lady who squandered her talent. I remember when I first saw her run as a young high school student at Rio Mesa high school in California. What a talent! Maybe our first clue to future behavior was when she transferred from Rio Mesa to Thousand Oaks High school for her senior year. She had a great coach at Rio Mesa who had her best interests in mind, but no they wanted more. The rest is history. If there was ever anyone who would never artificial enhancement it was her. Why someone with that gift of super talent would cheat is beyond me. It is a sad day for sport. I do not find much positive in this whole sordid affair. The cheaters are getting more sophisticated by the day. I point out again that to my knowledge there was not ONE POSITIVE TEST at the recently completed Osaka world championships in track and field. Statistically that is virtually impossibility. The outlaws are ahead of the law.As the monetary stakes have risen the temptation to cheat is even greater.


At 10/9/07, 5:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One plus....finally someone is willing to stand up and tell the truth about what they did. After watching so many elite athletes deny the obvious, I was glad to see her come "clean" and even return her Olympic medals. I wish others had her conscience and fortitude....better late than never.

Jim Richardson

At 10/9/07, 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting about Marion Jones why she admitting now that she is dirty, but back then she was a defiant as any liar can be.

Marion Jones did not come clean because of her righting the wrong or be a role model and future speakers on the making the right decision. She HAD to come clean because of her involvement in the check fraud scheme with her husband, Tim Montgomerie.


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