3 x 6 Workout

Actually this concept arose out of the necessity of accomplishing specific training objectives in limited time in team sport settings. The idea behind it is that training is cumulative, six minutes a day of intense concentrated work adds up quickly and can have a very positive training effect in a relatively short period of time. The idea is this look at three compatible and complementary training tasks, repeat each for two minutes and then shift to the next task and repeat again. For example out 3 x 6 workout with Volleyball was: 1) ABC Ladder Footwork Drills 2) Reaction Coach 3) Short Burst Sprints (three to five step from varied starting positions). The overall effect was to nervous system excitation and speed of movement. They divided into three group of four and rotated through each station twice. I have found this an effective way to use time. It works well fro me in my system, may not work for others.


At 10/3/07, 2:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your example as this is what I thought you meant.

Basically it's just a form of circuit training which does help to make time shortage more efficient.

thanks again,


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