Old School

What exactly is old school? Is old school having a work ethic? Is it old school to respect your opponents and your teammates? Is it old school to respect your coach? Is it old school to make a tackle and get up and go back to the huddle – no celebrations or sack dances? Is it old school to have to pay your dues? It is old school to take responsibility for your actions? Is it old school to just play the sport because you love competing – no worry about earning a scholarship or being ranked by archrivals.com as one of the top players in he country? Let all wake up, we are all party to this, the athletes, coaches, parents, administrators, the media – let’s get back to basics and enjoy sport for the essence of it. It is amazing to me that a coach making Two Million plus dollars a year at a university has a special secret newsletter for boosters that he charges premium price for. Come on this is ridiculous. I thought we were supposed to educators. Let put play and fun back into sport. We can’t turn back the clock, but we can take a look in the mirror and see what each of us can do to change what is happening.


At 9/30/07, 9:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which newsletter are you referring to for those of us that are not involved with college athletics?


At 9/30/07, 9:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

College football, basketball and baseball is all about money.

In the 80's, Peach Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl. Then mid 90s and today, we have Fed Ex Orange Bowl, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Kentucky Fried Chicken Peach Bowl, Bluebell Ice Cream Blue Bonnet Bowl, Pork Fried Rice Bowl, et al.


Here is one school that made the news. Texas A&M head coach Dennis Franchione charging $1200.00 secret newsletter available to the boosters with inside updates on players status such as injuries, able and not able list, game plans and strategies against opponents. Hmmm,if I was a bookie, I am willing to fork out $1200.00 for the inside information.

Unfortunately, some high schools across the United States are following the same route.

"We can take a look in the mirror and see what each of us can do to change what is happening", totally agreement with that but as you have mentioned before changes is uncomfortable for some. The road to success is long and "ardous".


At 9/30/07, 5:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article is interesting and may tie into to a way of old school thinking. It talks about how every building needs a foundation.

Some foundations are hastily constructed on shifting sands with poor design, and materials and techniques by labors who are interested only in getting finished, getting paid and moving on.

Other foundations are built upon stone with purpose,passion, by craftsman who are intent upon leaving a lasting legacy to benefit future generations.

Foolish or wise these are two choices facing every builder of structures, lives, business and legacies.

I enjoyed this article, I believe it was by Bob Wiersma. Every winning team I played on from pee-wee to pro had this old school strong foundation of passion that I will carry for ever as I pass it on to my clients and peers.

TR Sullivan


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