There have been several requests for the workouts I am doing with the Bucks. I am not doing workouts with them. I am consulting and advising, working with Tim Wilson on fine-tuning his training plan and structure of training. We are then working with individual players on their movement mechanics to develop individual routines for those players.

All this being said I want to reiterate my philosophy about sharing workouts. I generally do not share workouts, that is not because they are secret, but because the workouts are developed for an individual or team and are specific to that team or individual. Remember it is not about the workout or the exercise it is how they are applied. What is the logic behind the workout and what are the underlying principles. I have been very open with those in all my materials; they are openly available in published articles, my books and on the web page. I once again urge you to think – think about context and the situation you are working in. It is the chef not the recipe!


At 9/21/07, 1:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's like asking Davinci to supply his template for the Mona Lisa.

Often Imitated never Duplicated


At 9/23/07, 1:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actualy don't care about the workouts, just curious what markers or red flags you look for when assessing a program.



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