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From now on I will delete any anonymous posts, if you do not have the courage to put your name on it then don’t post. I have opposed doing this, but in speaking to colleagues that I lean on for advice and guidance, they convinced it was the way to go.


At 9/17/07, 11:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree with editing malicious comments without a name. I just hope I never forget to put my name on a good post.

Mark Day

At 9/18/07, 9:38 AM, Blogger Joe P. said...

I'd just like to put in my two cents on the issue. On his website, Ryan Lee makes the quote,

"People do not like the fact so many fitness pros are now creating their own web sites and creating their own information products. And most of the biggest critics are my fellow fitness professionals who are envious of the new breed of fitness entrepreneurs. They are living in a scarcity world when they should embrace abundance".

OK, that is a point well taken. However, Ryan is not like Vern & me. We MUST produce, be able to measure it and quantify it, and be accountable to coaches, A.D.'s, and even superintendents. Like Vern, I have been in situations where I've worked for people who don't understand that. They thought Joe P. should be following the latest infomercial/internet fad. They don't care if I can prove it doesn't work with hard data of increased knee injuries or the like. We look "progressive" on paper. Fortunately, those people don't last. However, joint damage lasts forever.

I know what Ryan is talking about when he says you shouldn't have to sweat it in a gym for 15 years. I've worked 65hr. weeks for 12 G's a year. I didn't make a decent buck until I was in my 40's. But I did it by doing it better than the other guys, even when my hands were tied sometimes. Ground, gravity, and momentum are free. "unnecessary and not worth the money"? I don't know what that means anonymous. All I do know is Vern's stuff works in the world I live in. I can take out my stop watch, or goniometer, or measuring tape, and quantify it.

At 9/26/07, 11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe P, There are lots of people who work harder and make less money than you, so quit whining. If Ryan Lee is making money so be it. Its a free world. There is nothing earth shattering in what Vern teaches either because the fundamentals never change. And he is one of those responsible for the 'functional' training hype. There are many wise coaches who share for free on various forums on the net. Al Vermeil was not too pleased with Vern's claims in Canada. Thats common knowledge in the training community. As for developing sprinters the forum at charliefrancis.com has real world high quality information.

This post will be deleted as Vern only likes to hear praise, anon or not.



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