Putting Money in the Bank – Venice Volleyball

The Venice girl’s team is 11 and 0 having defeated three of the defending state championship teams in the last seven days. Congratulations to the girls and the coaches, they are doing a great job. My task now is to keep putting money in the bank. Every time they play a series of tough matches like this the challenge is to get back to some of the basic training that helped them to achieve this. We are now going to recycle back through some of out Foundation Strength phase with a big emphasis on leg strength to start a push toward the championship season. We will back off the plyo’s the next two weeks and bring up the volume of throwing to raise explosive power without pounding their legs. It has been really cool to see how the kids have responded to the training. Remainder this did happen overnight, they began training January 11 – training is cumulative less we forget that.


At 9/16/07, 4:46 PM, Anonymous Mark Crabtree said...


Great job! How are you incorporating training in-season?

Hows the Venice FB team doing? I wonder what their opinion of your training is now?

Mark Crabtree

At 9/16/07, 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do shoulders and upper back training fit into your training during the season? What is the team doing for recovery during the season following a tough week?

Keep us posted on the young women's progress. It is great to hear they are reaping the benefits of sacrifice and hard work.

Jill Gerber


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