Blocking Change and Innovation

Perhaps the two biggest and also the most frequently occurring blocks to change and innovation are two simple statements:We already do that and let me play devils advocate. I have heard those two statements way too much recently. They lead to maintenance of the status quo and eventual stagnation. Obviously if you already do something then there is no need to seek out change and innovation, but what if what you are doing is not producing results? By playing devils advocate you are already thinking about why an idea cannot work instead of think how it could work. Those are just a couple of thoughts for those of you that are working in an environment that stifles change and innovation. Sometimes being a change agent is not comfortable.


At 9/12/07, 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reminds me of something I used to say about supervisors before I became one- "When I ask if I can do something, is the furrow in your brow caused from thinking of a reason to say no, or is it from trying to think of a way to say yes?


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