A Sign of the Times

The following sign was posted at the foot of the stairs in a medical building where I was going to get a blood test:

Check with Doctor before Climbing Stairs

To say that I was taken aback would be an understatement. I almost turned around and took the elevator. I went ahead and climbed the stairs without asking a doctor; in fact I even climbed a second flight of stairs.

I was struck with the irony of all this. I had just come from a doctor’s appointment where I sat and tried to explain to a doctor a upper respiratory problem that I had been having the past month. I emphasize tried to talk to the doctor. The whole time I was talking to him he was not listening, he was writing out orders for tests. When I saw the sign all I could think about was why would I check with a doctor before climbing the stairs. Hell you go to a doctor when you are sick and even then they can’t help 90% of the time. Welcome to America 2007! Beware of your local doctor he or she may be harmful to your health.


At 9/5/07, 8:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read a comment recently that said something like

"Doctors should expect their patients to be as physically fit as they are". Maybe you need to find this doctor Vern!

Mark Day

At 9/10/07, 10:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously the sign is not a blanket instruction to all and sundry, its just a warning to those with medical conditions. The doctor you went to did the right thing by prescribing tests. How else do they know your condition? Its ridiculous to assume that we need to beware of all our local doctors. We need to beware of 'fitness professionals' making much ado about nothing.

At 9/21/07, 9:58 PM, Anonymous Brant Best said...

Of course its not a blanket rule! That you dont have any problem with the sign is a problem in itself. It is indeed a sign of the times. The litigious nature of our society means you cant fart without getting a warning about potential consequences is an embarrassment. Our society is dominated by how much the legal system can make out of society rather than being based on common sense. It is refreshing to see someone questioning the self serving rhetoric and holding so called professionals to account. Good on you Vern!


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