This anonymous comment was sent in regard to my post on hamstring injuries:

Vern, Running curves and arches could compromise the ankles of a player already playing his/her sport. Sprint straight ahead while training and leave the lateral movements to the sport itself.

This is exactly what has caused the problem. You must prepare for the demands of the game. Strength is only one piece of the puzzle. You must prepare for the torque involved and learn proper running technique as it must be adapted to the game. One of the reason there are so many more injuries today than ever before is because they are taking that approach. You must train to play not play to train! If these guys would take fifteen minutes a day and pay attention to preparation to play you would see a significant reduction in injuries. Instead they all do a group stretch, jog a bit and declare themselves ready to rev up the engines. How many times have I heard: “I will turn it on when the lights come on” A loser’s lament.


At 9/3/07, 9:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There it is!!! Just lift, don't work on lateral quickness because the sport itself will make you quick.

Don't run curves or arcs! What is baserunning, football cuts, 200 meter, soccer, etc. I will make sure not to get my athletes to follow this mentality.

I am sure this is another mentality of outside edge on cutting.


At 9/10/07, 10:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anthony, You have just stated the reasons as to why players do not need additional volume to train lateral movement. The injuries Vern is talking about could be a result of many reasons and injuries could could also be because of all these meaningless lateral drills or better still - Frills. I don't expect Vern to state otherwise as he has built his market position with this lateral training stuff. Hey, if you just want to warm up its okay but lateral training to get better in the sport may not be smart thing.


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