Raising Consciousness

Michael Shermer in his column in the most recent September 2007 Scientific American www.SciAm.com called Skeptic (www.skeptic.com) wrote a thought provoking article entitled Rational Atheism. He offered five points in arguing about atheism to raise our consciousness.

1) “Anti-something movements by themselves will fail.” It is not enough to be against something, you must be for something. Defining oneself by what you do not believe does not hold much substance.

2)” Positive Assertions are necessary.” Champion what you believe, have courage of your convictions and be able to articulate your beliefs in a logical systematic manner.

3) “Rational is as rational does.” Science, reason and proven best practice will prevail, but to have it prevail we must apply science and reason to our arguments

4) “The golden rule is symmetrical.” This does not warrant much explanation.

5) “Promote freedom of belief and disbelief.” We can believe and act the way we want as long as our beliefs do not impinge on the freedom of others to express their opinion.


At 9/18/07, 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Science only attempts to explain what God has created.

Jonathan Hewitt ATC

At 9/26/07, 10:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

J Hewitt,

Since you are making the claim that God created can you please provide empirical evidence?



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