The Pitch

No not a pitch, but the field in soccer. Yesterday I was channel surfing and watched a few minutes of a game form the English Premier League. It was played on a beautiful pitch as flat as a billiard table, the grass closely manicured. The game was fast and exciting, the ball bounced true. Contrast that to an MLS game on another channel. That game was played on an American football filed. There was a crown on the field for drainage; the field was full of divots. How can you play quality high level soccer on fields not suited for the game? Yes you need quality players, but there are more of those now in the US. Maybe we need to look at the obvious – How about a quality pitch for quality play?


At 10/9/07, 4:20 AM, Blogger Jamie said...

Hi Vern

Interesting post on pitches. Clive Woodward (rugby) makes a big deal about the quality of the rugby pitches England played on in his Autobiography Winning! and made a huge effort to improve the surface at Twickenham.

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