Words are just that, words. Words by themselves have meaning, but they do not have the same power until they are put in context. The same holds true for an exercise, an exercise is just that, an exercise, until it is put in context. This is a consistent theme that I continually try to emphasize. Words and exercises represent a reductionist, isolationist approach. Context represents the opposite, a big picture, integrated, quantum approach. It is so trite to say that the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts, but it is so true.

In the process of building and rebuilding an athlete it is not linear and reductionist. Rather it is a process of never losing sight of the big picture stressing coordination and integration of all components recognizing that the body is a self organizing organism.


At 8/7/07, 11:48 AM, Anonymous tlanger said...

Right on, Vern! I kind of see it as two distinct roadmaps to the same destination. You can break down the kinetic chain into segments and build a body in the reductionism mode while assuming we're as smart as Mother Nature OR ensure proper total body movement patterns that; for example, allow the core to function properly and thus, the hammy's, hip flexors, adductors, et al will follow accordingly. That stated, when do you "isolate" a joint or in other words the ankle complex might need to get "special exercises" to ensure it's working properly or the adductor/hammy complex needs manual therapy to break up adhesions….just curious to what you do in actual practice….

Todd Langer


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