Where Have They Been?

If you ignore the problem it might go away.You have to ask why they have not been doing this all along. I think they do not real care about clean sport. They are more concerned with getting great marks, TV contracts and sponsorships. My bullshit meter went to ten on this one.

Drug testing to increase at Osaka
Drugs testing laboratory
The IAAF is aiming to boost its fight against drugs
Athletics' governing body (IAAF) will carry out its largest-ever anti-doping programme at the World Championships in Osaka later this month.

Over 1,000 samples will be taken during the eight-day event, eclipsing the 885 tests conducted at the 2005 Worlds.

"We will not tell the athletes what tests we will conduct, nor when," said IAAF president Lamine Diack.

He said the measures would "highlight our ongoing and aggressive commitment to the war on doping".

Diack added: "We know that the overwhelming majority of our athletes compete fairly, so it is for their sake that we must do all we can to chase down and sanction those who attempt to cheat and lie through the use of doping practices.

"Anyone considering cheating should be aware we will use every available method to catch them and that should we choose to do so, we can store their samples for testing at a later date."

Since January the IAAF has collected more than 1,000 unannounced out-of-competition samples.


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