Rocky Had IT Right

Was Rocky Balboa onto something when he was training in the meat locker? Current thinking would seem to indicate that he was ahead of his time. My friend Dean Benton, Performance Director for the Brisbane Broncos, said that if had his way he would have the team spend halftime in a refrigerator truck. When he first mentioned it I thought he had lost it. Since then I have come across this more and more. I heard a of a rugby team in England using a cold storage facility for recovery. I am in the process of researching and have a couple of research articles that seem to suggest there is validity to this. Anecdotally the comment is the players feel refreshed. I have no idea of protocols or ideal temperature but it certainly is thought provoking. Will teams that are traveling ask the hotel to use their walk refrigerator? If I were a betting man I would say yes. If anyone has more information on this or actual research please send it to me.


At 8/8/07, 5:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ice-hockey players?

At 8/13/07, 11:46 AM, Anonymous Mark Thomas. Physio said...

There is a facility in Spala in Poland that is utilised by some of the professional rugby teams here in the UK. I have been there and the temperature in these units drops to -120 degress (not sure if F or C but very cold none the less!) Research is limited but players will train hard in the morning have a session in the freezer then train again later that day and another freezer session after that. The temperature gets lower as the week goes on.


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