Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

This was my third visit to the AIS. My first visit was in 1996. The AIS is located in
Canberra, the capital of Australia. It is inland about a three hour drive from Sydney. It reminds very much of the foot hills of the Sierra Mountains in California. There have been significant changes in facilities; The Library/information center has tripled in size. It is an unbelievable resource, someday I want to go back and spend a week just doing research. They have every possible
resource imaginable pertaining to sport. They have a new recovery center adjacent to a new fifty meter pool and huge new weight room. They have a new department devoted entirely to studying skill acquisition. The biomechanics lab has been completely redone. There is a thirty meter long force platform in the track as part of the lab, just imagine what you could do with that. Most importantly I think it is the people they have there, facilities are impressive, but they have good people who are passionate and knowledgeable, there to serve the athlete.


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