QAS Swim Squad

What an impressive group. Libby Lenton headlines the squat, she was the winner of five Gold medals in the 2007 the World Swimming championship. She is also a multiple world record holder. The coach is Stephan Widmer, another friend from my previous visit. When I met Stephan in 1999 he was the assistant coach, but obviously a coach on the rise. We spent the afternoon talking about training and exchanging ideas. It was refreshing to talk to a coach of this caliber who was willing to openly share ideas. We talked extensively about the dryland program and compared notes about what they do and what I have done with the Michigan women. It a squad of men and women with nine swimmers, so it is not about crowd control, quality work with quality attention the athletes. Everything is done with a purpose. There is a huge emphasis on technique and learning how to swim fast. No garbage yardage here. There is a compete focus on excellence. The detailed preparation was impressive. He uses a timed swim at 15 meters as a benchmark to ascertain where they are in terms of speed at all times. Libby Lenton was coming off a three week break and being a bit sick, so she just worked on drills and getting the feel back for her stroke. Stephan works hard to build a sense of team within the squad. I also found it intersting that early in the week they swim long course and later in the week they swim short course.


At 5/31/07, 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

as a college swim coach this is very interesting. Give me a little more detail about basing benchmarks on 15 meter swim times. Had a chance to talk to Jim R at the recent College coaches swim clinic re his swim program and dryland routine. Oh no! you do not need to give Libby any more advantages then she already has! :-)

At 6/1/07, 8:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vern - I am most interested in the dryland training and how it compared to Univ. of Michigan. What were the biggest differences?


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