Saturday in Brisbane

What a day! Had lunch with Eddies Jones, former Wallabies coach and now in transition to a new job with Saracen in England. It was really fun tossing around ideas on Sport Development systems. He is a very progressive thinker so it was fun to share ideas. I spent the rest of the day with Kelvin Giles and his wife Michelle. I have not had that much fun in a long time. Even though he grew up in England and has spent his professional career in England and Australia we shared so many experiences it was almost uncanny. We both did decathlon (he was significantly better than me). We both started working in professional sport at the same time. We are both sixty years old and facing or should I say embracing different roles in our career path. Kelvin has mentored many of the top up and coming young Australian strength and conditioning coaches. The last two days of my trip will be with Kelvin and Australian Rugby Union Strength and Condition staff doing
professional development at the Australian Institute of Sport. It is so cool to be hanging with coaches, talking about ways to make the athlet
es better. This is very refreshing for me.

(Dean Benton on Left, Kelvin in the middle)


At 5/28/07, 6:01 AM, Anonymous Kelvin said...

Although it is always interesting to read Vern's diary when he is on one of his infamous 'road trips'I thought it worthwhile to mention some things from the other side of the conversation. This visit is indeed a great pleasure for all of us here 'downunder'. Having worked with Vern last year in the UK in a duel presentation workshop it has been more than stimulating to meet again. The key to our enjoyment is the free exchange of ideas. Nothing is left unsaid and there are no 'secrets' withheld. The cornerstone of all this is that there is no one system, plan, program or session that is the sole key to success. I am surrounded by great practitioners her in Oz and each day we collectively exchange thoughts and ideas on the tasks that we face. It is a less lonely existence knowing that one of the guys, on any given day, will either raise a question or find a solution that will stimulate someone to a better practice. This is not intended to be a 'warm and fuzzy' comment, far from it. We live in a world of gurus, spells potions and gadgets and the sharing of ideas helps us through this maze of irrelevant information.


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