The Broncos Game

The Broncos won the game 71 to 6 over the Newcastle Knights. It was a record scoring performance for the Broncos. At the start of the game the Broncos were in the cellar at the bottom of the table, a position they had never occupied before.
As the old saying goes – don’t wake up the sleeping giant, they finally played up to their potential, it was neat to watch. This is a tough game, not for the faint of heart. Tremendous speed and jarring collisions. Trite to say multiple car crashes, but true. The players are athletic and fit, very much like American football players before unlimited substitution. Some observations: Warm-up was done inside, a tradition that was established years ago. I was a bit skeptical about how effective it would be, but quickly saw how effective it was. It builds to a crescendo just before the players went onto the field. No staring at the crowd here or showboating for the cameras. Very focused and business like. Players were weighed before the game at halftime and after the game to determine fluid loss. After the game the players rated their perceived exertion and then went into a very cold plunge bath for four immersions of thirty seconds each. The process of preparation for the next game began as soon as the game ended! No alcohol in the locker room.


At 5/28/07, 3:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


How much contact are they doing in warm-up?

At 5/28/07, 9:03 PM, Blogger Pupsy said...

Looking forward to chat with you when you are back in the states.


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