Everything Old is New

These are pictures of vibration training devices from the 1890’s!! I think it is particularly appropriate that this is the 800th post on this blog.


At 6/4/07, 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Vern on your 800th post!

I have recently incororated a vib platform with a 27yo pro athlete recovering from a knee injury with excellent results that have held.

Never one to read directions, I incorporated the functional movements I wanted using the vib platform as the floor surface.

After 10 reps he had increased eccentric control through more range of motion (knee) with a functional LE excursion test of 20% improvement. This amount of improvement was almost 2x the normal rate of improvement I was getting not using the vib.

Certainly this is anecdotal evidence and not intended to be the "end all" device.

I retested him @ 2 days and 7 days later with minimal use of the vib and his measurements held.

The other thing I found unique to this single usage is the player intuitively reported increased confidence and control after using the vib. This means more to me sometimes than objective measurements.

The problem is the expense of the vib limits it use to a select population (pros etc).

Thought I'd chime in on something I was somewhat skeptical about beforehand, although I loved the idea of neural hyperstimulation.

Does anyone have anecdotal or better evidence with this type of device?


At 6/5/07, 4:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds as if you have you the vibration plate as part of the rehab training mode. The key here is PART of the training/rehab mode. Not as THE training mode as some vibration plate companies claim.




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