What I learned Down Under

1) It is about people, not facilities and equipment. They have a culture that values sport and coaching.

2) Integration of sports science is part of the sporting culture. The input of the sport scientist is sought and valued.

3) Just like us they have their problems. Sometimes top heavy with administration. Government funding is both a blessing a curse at times.

4) Friendships through sport are long lasting and built on mutual respect.

5) They have a real desire to learn and improve. They look for the edge by seeking new knowledge. When you have a small population you must use all the resources possible to develop talent.

6) The difference between coaching and personal training was reaffirmed.

7) There are no secrets! People were open and willing to share ideas and information.

8) Our American football could learn a tremendous amount from Rugby Union, Rugby League and Aussie Rules Football.

9) They no longer have required physical education in the schools. We both need it.

10) Recovery for them is much more scientific. It is based on the demands of the practice or the game.


At 6/12/07, 9:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coach Gambetta
I just recently returned from Australia and New Zealand and I can attest to your findings. The value placed around sport, the athletes and the coaches involved in unparallel to that of the United States.

I attended an NRL game in Austrlia and a match netween the All Blacks and France in Auckland. The emphasis placed around dynmamic warmups/mobility drills was astounding because I have rarely seen anything to that caliber with teams in the States. American Footbal is light years behind int that respect.

Colin Cooley


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