Stretching and Warm-up

Stretching is not warm-up. I repeat stretching is not warm-up. Several dynamic stretches should be part of warm-up. Those stretches should be placed in the later third of warm-up when the body is warm. Also group stretching is an almost complete waste of time. Stretching must fit each individual based on his or her needs. All of that being said go watch “warm-up” in MLB or the NBA and you will see millions of dollars of bodies wallowing around on the ground doing static stretching at the start of warm-up. Usually that takes half to two thirds of the whole warm-up. Stretching has a place, but it is not warm-up.


At 5/4/07, 11:55 AM, Anonymous tlanger said...

"Those stretches should be placed in the later third of warm-up when the body is warm"


I believe in dynamic stretching as part of a warmup and that's a gem of info right there...so, how did you come about the latter third recommendation? Also, how did you combat tightness setting in during sitting in the dugout?

Todd Langer

At 5/4/07, 12:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for saying this and please keep saying it when it fits. Your discussion of the purpose and design of the warm up in your book and AD is very helpful and I have cited it often in helping sport coaches think better about the warm up. I have found that when people understand the purpose of the warm up and the science behind the good design, they see how critical a proper warm up is to accomplishing the goals in training or competition. So, thanks for keeping it in the forefront and providing a good rationale and framework.

TIm Clark


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