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Last night my daughter’s best friend got married, it was really fun. At the reception dinner there was a lady sitting next to my wife who had just retired after thirty years of being a middle school PE teacher here is Sarasota. This lady really got it, she graduated from Ball State when there was a curriculum to prepare teacher how to teach. She said she was appalled at the young teachers coming out of school today. She said they know the sport they played, but have no idea how to teach skill or organize a class for effective teaching. We both agreed that in this case it would be good to turn back the clock and teach PE teachers how to teach.


At 5/2/07, 9:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Gambetta

I am a Physical Education teacher and I know exactly what she is talking about. I am in my 12th year teaching and have seen what I consider to be really good Pe and I have seen really bad PE. I am in the process of trying to educate my adminastration as to what to look for. Coach, can you post what an average days PE class in your opinion would look like if you were teaching it in a 85 minute block???

At 5/2/07, 12:23 PM, Anonymous tlanger said...


It's WAY BEYOND PE...my wife is a special needs educator and her co-teachers complain that the kids have special needs or in other words a child with autism is seen as a nuisance. What’s frightening is the birth rate of autism is rising, children fitness is dropping, and the Powers That Be are using stopgap tactics and not overhauling the entire healthcare/educational systems. Not to sound like an alarmist, but most family pets are even out of shape!!!!

Todd Langer

At 5/2/07, 6:04 PM, Anonymous B said...

Look, I'm tiring of the attacks against the young. Sure, there are problems. However, there are some 50 year old, 20 year PE veterans who suck. It's not just the newbies. There are old grizzled veteran trainers who can't coach , teach or train.

Experience and age ain't everything. I'm sick of the good old days mentality. When I was a kid, the coaches didn't know a quarter of what I know about communication, learning styles, movement, etc. They knew jack. Most everything they taught was fundamentally incorrect. My "genius" strength coach, by now a grizzled vet with 25 years experience, saw my friend and I squatting, laughed at our technique and called us unathletic. No instruction. No stretches or foam rolls to attack calf tightness. No promps. No examples. We were just idiots who didn't know how to squat properly so we were lost causes.

So, excuse my skepticism that everything old is good and everything new and young is bad.

At 5/2/07, 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

b, seems like there is so much info. in today's world of PE that we are getting stuffed. So much great info. that obesity seems to be on the rise people are getting hurt and everyone wants to be the expert.

"To foam roll or not to foam roll, that is a question?"

Don't forget you old school teachers don't have to deal with half the issues we have today. Kids back then were kicking, punching, running to get outside and play.

Vern what age did you talk about in teaching skill and organization? 6, 10 14, 18? What is effective?

At 5/2/07, 10:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Todd, you are right about "Way beyond PE".

B, you are also right about the dinosaur coach(es) who riden you off as a lost cause. They are out there.

This goes back to the topic of coaches...PE teachers...
conditioning coaches who do not want to teach or coach. If you aren't athletic, then don't bother coaching or teaching you. No one wants to work.

People talk about how hard they work, but no one knows how to work hard...whether young or old. For example, I have four assistants who are in the mid 20's. They talk about working hard and taking pride in their weight room. When it was time to clean the weight room, no one was around to sweep, to vacuum, to re-rack the weights etc. So the perception of the young'uns being lazy...yes. The next day, the topic wasn't about any special training session, it was about being accountable...being professional. Of the 2 hours cleaning the weight room, we spent an hour on cleaning the mirrors.

When we were done, I asked them, who did they think would come and clean the weight room. They all looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. I had to tell them that the weight room need to be clean daily.

It's about being professional!!!

At 5/3/07, 1:18 PM, Anonymous tlanger said...

Yup, being professional and accountable go a long way. Also, admitting you don't know everything and ALWAYS being open minded to learning. It's why I visit this blog; basically, Vern is a true pioneer. Doesn't mean I always agree with him, but it's important to listen and pay respect to someone who's been there and done that. As far as age, it's only a number, but the longer you're around, the more you have a chance to see...in the end wisdom can be found anywhere, but it's more often seen in people with real experience.

Todd Langer


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