Saving the Pitcher?

This is the title of a book by Will Carroll. I bought this book in the summer of 2004 and read it one sitting. I was amazed, not by the premise, but by the information, it was certainly not cutting edge. Once again it was and is an example of going to the people who created the problem for a solution. His main source on pitching mechanics was Tom House, the guru of pitching who tries so hard to be innovative he never sticks to one idea long enough to see if it works. He picks Mark Pryor as the model because House has worked with him, look at Pryor now! I had forgotten about this book until I posted on Matsuoka. I was at the bookstore the other day and saw it is now in paperback, I am sure it will be snapped up by every little league coach in the country. If you want to find out what not to do then read this book, once again we need knowledge not more information. Will Carroll is a well meaning guy who has created a specialty as an expert on injuries. As far as I know he has no background in training or therapy, just a number cruncher statistics guy from baseball prospectus.


At 5/2/07, 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, little harsh, I think, Vern. As someone who sat down with you at ASMI's course a couple years back and has a world of respect for what you do, I'd hoped a little might come back. I'd love to talk with you on your ideas. You know where to reach me. - Will Carroll, Not a Number Cruncher.

At 5/3/07, 1:10 PM, Anonymous tlanger said...

The WORST part is that House claims Prior's problem are totally related to pitch count...unreal. It's a multifacetred situation and he blames the one thing he knows GM's will listen to...what's weird, to me anyhow, is that he changes pitchers biomechanics, but not their muscle imbalances...setting the pitcher up for failure.

Todd Langer


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