Jonathan Hewitt ATC wrote the following: I was wondering if you could help me understand something. In the document you and Mr. Benton wrote on hamstring prevention, the exercise RDLs are mentioned, however a week or so ago you listed RDLs as dangerous and then questionable. I'm genuinely confused on your perspective here. Thanks for considering my question.
I am certainly not trying to create confusion. Personally I do not like the RDL. Dean has used it successfully with no problem. We had some extensive discussions about including it, in the end I differed to his experience. Incidentally since that post I have received several emails from people that I respect who use it as a part of the program with no ill effects. They explained how and why and it made sense in their situation. I have had several bad experiences with the exercise so I do not use or recommend it. I will revisit when I see Dean in


At 5/4/07, 4:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Gambetta,
Thanks for the clarification.
Jonathan Hewitt ATC


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