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In the spirit of getting out timely and useful knowledge that will stimulate thought and further the field, there are several new resources available under downloads on the resources page of my web site www.gambetta.com/resources

Pose- PAL Comparison – This was written by Keith Benson ATC from Houston Texas. Over the years Keith has used my PAL (Posture, Arm Action, leg Action) progression quite successfully with triathletes and endurance runners. He took the time to compare PAL with the POSE method which is very popular among triathletes. Thanks for taking the time to do that Keith.

Notes from the Convention Hall - With all the talk about childhood obesity and lack of fitness in our youth you would think that the AAHPER would be at the leading edge of change in this regard. Steve Myrland writes on his experiences and observations at the AAHPER Convention in his “Notes from the Convention Hall.” Steve’s passion and belief in the need for change certainly come through in this piece. This will make you think and make you realize what we are up against to change the approach to physical education.

The Effort Effect is an article reprinted from the recent Stanford Alumni magazine. It summarizes the thoughts and ideas of Professor Carol Dweck on mindset. There are many good ideas in this article for coaches, parent’s teachers and leaders. The concept is quite simple, but has many complex applications. What is your mindset?

Mindset – A real cool diagram by Nigel Holmes of Professors Dwecks’ ideas on Mindset.


At 5/4/07, 10:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Funny you bring up Steve Myrland's name as I was just thinking about him yesterday. I believe he was working with some high dollar athletes through their high dollar agent and wondered what is going on with them now as I figure a few of them are NY Yankees.

Mark Day

At 5/5/07, 10:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Growth! After the money ball myth post, I pulled it off my shelf to read on a six hr. trip east. After ch. 3, I was ready to stand up and give the flight a speech on Enlightenment. I was more interested in The Curse of Talent.

I shouldn't have posted in the past "go ask why the kids are playing in the minors" I should of asked why is there so much wasted talent in the minors? Not a pretty sight. I would say to many fixed mind-sets.


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