Drawing the Line

I have received quite a few emails with links to a well known drug coach who is now on a lecture tour of Australia. It has prompted to think again about where we draw the line. I challenged someone on this guy and his “information” and their retort was that he is a hell of a coach. My comeback is how do you know? Was it the drugs or the coaching? Lets remember that doping is cheating. If you chose to cheat I won’t play. Those of you looking for the magic bullet and or the “secret” of his success need to wake up. I saw some of the training first hand, there was nothing special. It was what we did not see that helped his athletes. This was at the center of one of the most systematic doping programs in sport that does make a difference. I suppose it is the same mentality that would cause people to buy a book by OJ Simpson. Folks there is plenty of sound accurate information out here. Learn it and use it. In summary I quote my good friend Steve Myrland: "THIS IS WHAT A GURU-CULTURE DOES: IT CAUSES MYOPIA. IT PERMITS PEOPLE TO SELECTIVELY VIEW INFORMATION WITH THEIR BS DETECTORS TURNED OFF AND REMAIN HAPPY. HEAVEN FOREFEND THAT THEY MIGHT QUESTION THE TEACHER AND RISK GIVING OFFENSE!"


At 1/19/07, 9:26 AM, Blogger Joe P. said...

I hope the Australians don't get corrupted with the nonsense that goes on in the U.S. I don't know if you're referring to him, but Remi Korchemny has already reared his ugly head there. From my ATC point of view, I've always been impressed with the Aussie school of rehab and sports conditioning. Their integration of manual therapy with functional exercise has had a big influence. Just look at the APTA's last combined sections meeting.

At 1/19/07, 10:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is not referrring to Remi, but Vern, you nailed it.

At 1/20/07, 3:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Vern, I agree we should take a stand against everyone promoting illegal substances. However, the person in questions athletes were already the best in thier respective countries before they used drugs and others who don't use drugs also use his system with thier athletes to great success.

To ignore someones ideas because they have been used dishonestly is like avoiding olympic weightlifting because of its reputation as a playground for illegal subjstances or ignoring the advice of Mel Siff because he promoted Louis Simmons (who suggests competing in non drug tested meets to keep the playing field level!).

Thank you for making a stand anyway.

At 1/22/07, 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I come from place of being drunk only once in my adult life, never coming remotely close to even considering sampling any form of illegal substance. Consequentially and consistently with my personal mantra, I denounce cheating in sport and as you put it, I do not play with those that partake in such tactics. BUT, my beliefs do not limit my ability to see through BS and open my mind to potentially useful information even if it comes from someone who has made interesting choices.

We all have BS, or more accurately paradigms, that form us as individuals. Some of the things you say here on this blog cause my BS radar to go off just as when I communicate it causes others BS radars to siren. No one is right or wrong, they are just our personal paradigms and it just is.

I believe we can learn something from everyone in life anyone, I do not have to be associated with them but I can still learn, and what I learn is determined by the sizes of the pores in my filter.

The reality is Vern that his 'infamous' athlete won a gold medal, albeit briefly, in an epoch where many athletes were fueled by questionable performance enhancement techniques thus maybe reducing the association of success and drugs and increasing the relation between success and coaching.

Was it the drugs or the coaching you ask. I ask how much of his remembered performance and very fast time can be attributed to his 'choices' in the grand scheme of all things that create gold medal performances and how much can be attributed to coaching based on what I know - my filter in action?

Interesting to hear if you share the same opinion of all training ideas USSR? Let's get real, drugs do not wholly make 9.79 runners, genetics and high quality coaching has a massive part to play as well.

I know of many a respectable coach who have learned much from him in terms of results, I KNOW there is coaches you know and respect that have also and have a a high level of association with this coach.

But you are right, there is plenty of sound accurate information out there and his is not the only way it is just a way. All it takes is for people, like yourself, to continue to provide sharing opportunities.

Kudos to your for sharing and thank you for doing so!


At 1/23/07, 5:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm suprized that you're slagging a great coach. He runs one of the most popular strength and conditioning sites on the web, and nowhere did I see ANY promotion of illegal substances.

Is it a matter of trying to attach yourself to something you really can't grasp or attain on your own?

Where are your records Vern? How many athletes did you send to the Olympics? Try none.

I'm not an advocate of anything illicit, but do remember that this coach did expose the industry in general for what it really is.

Perhaps you should go over to his website for a visit..clearly you need to take your own game up a notch.

Your feeble mindedness is laughable at best, in a few short weeks this coach brought more to the Australian scene than anyone thought possible.

Its high time that the past is recognized just for what it is..the past.


At 1/24/07, 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jealousy is not an attractive quality, Vern.


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