Alex Kipchirchir

I just found out that Alex Kipchirchir was ranked Number One in the World in the 1500 meters for 2006 by the panel of Experts from Track & Filed news. I had the pleasure of working with Alex two years ago when I was working with the Nike Oregon Project. I learned a ton from talking to him and watching him train. I hope that the strength work we incorporated in his training made a little difference. His stories of morning 10 miles runs at 7,500 altitude as the sun was rising and interval workouts with 80 runners on a dirt track at noon and then another workout at 4:00 pm certainly made me realize why Americans have a tough time competing. I think you will see big things to come from Alex in the years to come. Congratulations and good luck.


At 4/18/07, 9:42 PM, Anonymous Greg Noonan said...

Could you explain the type of strength work and running drills you used with Alex Kipchirchir and the other distance runners at the Oregon project? How did they differ at differnt parts of the year?


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