Thoughts from Training

Here are a couple of thoughts from this weeks training with Venice Volleyball. Everyday the emphasis is in ICE. What is ICE? it is an acronym for Intensity, Concentration and Effort. That is the way we want them to approach each training session. Of course those are just words if is not stressed and practiced. I try to pint out great concentration, effort or intensity and I also remind when it is not here. We are asking for this for an hour. This prepares for the game.

The other thought is that we are seeking 100% improvement, impossible you say, well not really. Think of it this way if you can improve 1% a day it is possible or even 1% a week. It is possible but it demands ICE + focus.


At 1/12/07, 12:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


How do you hope they will see they are improving 1%/day or week?

Any thoughts how a arbitrary 10% improvement in athletic ability (as prescribed by you) translates to what % improvement one might see in specific sport skill performance in the typical high-school multisport athlete?



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