If I hear the term prehab one more time I am going to get sick. What is prehab? It is a guru term that has no real meaning. I take as a negative term; to me it means you are preparing to get hurt, because it is inevitable. I use the term remedial work; it is a term I have used for years to describe the injury prevention component of training. It is usually just that very remedial work designed to address specific individual deficiencies that must be addressed daily to keep the athlete training at optimum efficiency.

Each training session has remedial components that precede the workout and are threaded throughout. It addition if necessary the athlete is given remedial “homework” if they need it. This may be semantic, but it very important semantics. Words create images and images create action. You cannot do higher math with the multiplication tables, you can write words until you know the alphabet; you cannot perform high level training activities without remedial work. One last point, everyone does not have to do the same exercises, remedial work is individually prescribed where possible.


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