NFL Strength & Conditioning Coaches

Apparently some people misinterpreted my post on NFL injuries as a criticism of NFL Strength coaches, far from it. If anything it was a defense. I think they are being made scapegoats for a system that is deficient. I just saw where the S&C for the Cleveland Browns was fired, in the article it mentioned the number of players injured. What about everyone else involved. Did he all of a sudden get stupid? I have walked in those shoes, we are one part of a big support staff that must all be on the same page. When it comes time to point fingers and assign blame, seldom if ever will a doctor take responsibility for a failed surgery, it is the low man on the totem pole that takes the fall. My other gripe in all of this is that if the S&C are going to be help responsible then give them the support and clot to do the their jobs.


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