Injuries in Pro Football

I am not privy to the daily injury reports of any NFL team, so I only see what everyone sees in the popular press, but my perception is that “preventable” injuries are not declining. For me preventable injuries are muscle pulls. I even think some non contact ankle sprain s and knee sprains can at the very least be minimized. Our local paper, yesterday implored Jon Gruden, the coach of the Tampa Bay Bus to look into why they have had so many injuries. I do not know who the strength coach is there and I have no idea of what their program consists of, but the article made me think. Here are few of my thoughts: Today every NFL team has a strength coach and in most cases an assistant, but how many are allowed to do their job? How many of them really concern themselves with injury prevention? How many of the injuries are caused by the type of strength training they employ? What do they do to warm-up for practice and games? How many of their players employ personal trainers that have a different agenda than the club that pays the players salary? Just some food for thought.


At 1/3/07, 8:59 AM, Blogger sportsmedguy23 said...

The Bears have Rusty Jones as their Stength and Conditioning Coach and I have read he is someone who places a large emphasis on injury prevention.

After they had multiple hamstring injuries including one that kept Brian Urlacher out the better part of the NFL season a few years ago they placed a large emphasis on Starters Games Missed. I guess this is a huge NFL stat for Strength Coaches, and something that Rusty Jones has worked hard to reduce.

All that being said, I have no actual first hand expierence with exactly what they do, this is just what I have read in the Chicago papers and what strength coaches who are close to Rusty Jones have said.

I know he is considered one of the best in the NFL, and I know many of the guys speak very highly of him.

The other thing that you always have to consider with the NFL is so many of these guys have "specialists" they see all over the place during the season and during the off season. Everyone seems to have specialist or guru they depend on to get through.

For what it's worth


At 1/3/07, 10:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I plan to attend an educational seminar in February sponsored by the Professional Football Chiropractic Society. I admit that there are some folks in my profession (other professions too) that do not think along the same functional path as Vern and Gary Gray so I am anxious to see what they say, especially in regards to hamstring and quad strains.



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