New Download - “Clearing the Kinetic Chain for the Throwing Shoulder”

Joe Przytula, A.T.C., CSCS, C.M.T. was generous to share with us a presentation he had done with the overall theme, “Clearing the Kinetic Chain for the Throwing Shoulder” This presentation reinforces the concept of linkage, how the parts of the body work together to produce efficient movement. There are three downloads:

1) Joe’s PowerPoint - “Clearing the Kinetic Chain for the Throwing Shoulder”

2) References

3) Speaker Notes

Go to www.gambetta.com/resources

There is a wealth of information here, enjoy it.


At 1/14/07, 11:24 AM, Blogger sportsmedguy23 said...


Thanks for posting Joe's Presentation. Joe Thanks for letting Vern post it. I have said this before and will continue Joe you need your own blog or someway for getting what you do out there more...You do an amazing job, and really have an amazing ability to integrate function into everything you do...I would love the chance to hear more of your ideas and to see what you are doing.

Thanks for your hard work


At 1/15/07, 8:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Vern for allowing one of us posters (Joe) show off their knowledge.


Great work! Nothing there that is really new as is usually the case but you do a great job of presenting your opinions/understanding of the process. To your credit you refused to give in on a tough case and make excuses. You kept searching for more answers because doesn't the body want to get well? To your credit you are not afraid to admit the mistakes made when really they were not all yours - you was doing a good job of doing as taught but it was the teacher that had it all wrong. THanks for sharing that with us and keeping challenging the world to do a better job at the basics.


At 1/15/07, 5:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


If the coaches could see this and understand what you are saying I would be greatful. Thanks for putting it into easy terms.

At 1/16/07, 3:30 PM, Anonymous Mark Crabtree said...

Thanks for making this presentation available. I wish I could see a video of it, I bet its awesome!

Mark Crabtree MS,ATC,CSCS


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