Thoughts for Leading the Athletic Development Revolution

I was inspired to write this on a red eye flight from Portland back to Sarasota on Friday night, impossible to sleep but a good time to think. Perhaps this will stimulate some thoughts for you and inspire you to lead.

  • Focus, focus, focus – A laser like focus is imperative to lead
  • Chose to lead rather than to follow, you can’t lead from behind the pack
  • Do the right thing and success will follow
  • Work smart, with direction, intent and purpose
  • Relationships are paramount. Only work with people who share the same passion
  • Recognize that you can’t be an expert in everything
  • Your life runs your coaching; your coaching does not run your life
  • Status and recognition are not important
  • Use technology; do not let it use you. Combine “high touch” hands on coaching with high tech
  • Have an “ah” moment every day

In my opinion the world of coaching, training, and functional rehab will only change through example and leadership.


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