Hannah Teter - Gold Medal!

First congratulations to Hannah Teter for winning the Gold medal in the Half Pipe snowboarding today in Turin. As I mentioned last week Bill Knowles has worked with her the last two years on her physical training and also rehab when necessary. He obviously has done a great job. There is a story behind the medal that reinforces the cumulative effect of training and the necessity of guidance from someone like Bill who sees the big picture. A month ago her knee began to swell for some unknown reason. It turned out there was a condral defect. The Snowboard team medical staff wanted her to do nothing but pool work. Bill knew how important it was to keep her strength up and no irritate the knee. So he devised a program that maintained her strength. She was only on the snow four times in the last two and a half weeks. He had view video of her runs when she worked and also video to help visualize before she went to sleep. Good coaching plus a talented athlete equals a gold medal. Congratulations Bill.


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