Phenoms and Hype

Surprise, surprise Freddy Adu was released from the US World Cup training camp! This is an outstanding young player who needs to grow and improve. Just because he received untold millions in endorsements does not mean that he is ready to play at the World Cup level or for that matter in the MLS. Get real, how can a player who never has started for his club team make a World Cup team? This is just another example of what we have done wrong in sport development. All the shoe company hype and money cannot make the player better. Development takes time, training and maturity. There are not many 14 year olds who have the maturity and presence to become millionaires and keep a perspective. I saw a 10 year old player at Chivas in Guadalajara who was the best 10 year old player I have ever seen! Will he make it? Who knows? Was he a young ten or an old ten? Will he grow? There are so many factors that must be considered on the road to being a successful senior player at the international level.

On another note I saw that Steve Ralston was released fro m the US World Cup team due to a thigh injury. This made me sad. I a big Steve Ralston fan. I got to work with him when he with the Tampa Bay Mutiny. He is the consummate professional. He quietly and efficiently went about his and each year became a better player. I hope his leg heals and he gets another chance. It is a pleasure to see fly down the wing and send beautiful crosses into the box!


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