Commonsense and Nonsense

I am working on the finishing touches for a book on Athletic Development. It is due to be published next fall by Human Kinetics. It has been a long and interesting and sometimes painful project. Yesterday when I was writing the epilogue I was struck by how much nonsense is associated with this field. Along with the nonsense I could not help but think of the people who have all the answers. At the completion of over 100,000 words the common theme was common sense. Training is a basic process, strip away all the mumbo jumbo and guru speak and it is very basic. I struggle to understand why people try to make it complicated. The other common theme is that there are no answers; there are principles that lead to solutions. Each individual athlete and team is a unique work in progress. A method that works great for one will result in disaster for another. Remember simplicity yields complexity, you don’t have to make it complicated to be effective.


At 1/16/06, 10:28 AM, Blogger goalieman said...

I couldn't agree with you more on this Vern. I work with youth hockey and get questions every week form parents and coaches on how to improve their child's performance. The problem is they want me to work with a child for 45 minutes and devise some miracle drill that's going to instantly make the kid better. The concepts of nutrition, rest, and hard work, and patience are deemed "old fashioned", so these parents spend hundreds on hockey camps and clinics trying to teach advanced skills to kids that have yet to master the basics.


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