Name That Guru

This is a quiz for all followers of the exercise guru’s. It is a two part quiz 1) name the athlete and the sport she plays 2) Name the guru who trains her. The prize two weeks training with the guru, a signed copy of his (you will have to buy it of course) and paid up health insurance policy. 1) Since 2000, she has suffered rotator cuff tendonitis, tendonitis in ankles, chronic lumbar spine inflammation and abdominal strain! 20 Who is the famous guru who has enhanced this athlete’s performance?


At 2/7/06, 1:25 PM, Anonymous Patrick McHugh said...

I'll give it a shot -- Mary Pierce, Women's tennis and Nick Bolletieri, guru. Am I right?

At 2/7/06, 1:52 PM, Blogger jbeyle said...

I was thinking Pierce as well, but wasn't Verstegen training her?

At 2/7/06, 8:55 PM, Blogger Joe P. said...

Are you sure it's not Venus Williams? She's had all of the above injuries.

At 2/7/06, 9:08 PM, Blogger jbeyle said...

Good call, joe p., but do you know who trained her? Was it Bolletieri?


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