I have received some questions about SPARQ and my involvement. SPARQ is an acronym for speed, agility, reaction and quickness. It a company based on Portland< Oregon. It is directed at young athletes primarily high school age. Last when I got involved they were developing SPARQ Rating for various sports. The purpose was to give the kids an SAT of Athleticism. It is a neat concept because each event is scored and the points are totaled for an overall SPARQ Rating (like the Decathlon). I think this should be a good motivational for the coaches and athletes. The goal is to improve the total score. In order to do that you must train in a multidimensional manner. Check out the web site www.sparqtraining.com. If you are interested in the SPARQ training network contact them or contact me and I will forward it.


At 2/13/06, 11:02 AM, Blogger Travis said...

Sorry, this is unrelated. I am at U-District PT and ISP in Spokane, WA. I am working with some HS and JH track athletes and am looking for some video clips online to download of elite athletes in the 100-400m and 1600m. Any suggestions? BTW, I love the blog.

Travis Knight, MEd, CSCS


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