Why Train Like the Pro’s?

Even if you are a pro why would want to train like the pro’s train. Stop and think for a minute, it is a big mistake. I see so many commercial programs that advertise using this mantra. Is what they are doing athlete appropriate or is one size fits all? Let’s remember one thing about the pro’s, that their main focus is competition, the actual time they have to prepare for competition is minimal. It is a fundamentally flawed model, so why copy it. The other thing to remember is that the pros are physically mature; they do not have to deal with growth and development. Do you really know how the pro’s train, don’t believe the hype on commercials or what you see on ESPN. Over the years what I have seen of professional teams training is often eyewash, they are benign programs designed to not get someone hurt in training rather than doing things to make them better. Sure there are some real good programs out there, but a common characteristic of those is the unqualified support of the head coach, that does not happen often. Here is one example I just heard about that is almost comical if it were not true. A pro football team now has a scanner that scans the player’s body and through some magical process determines which individual muscles are weak and then the results are given to the strength coach with instructions to strengthen those muscles. WOW, isn’t that neat, I think I will find out if can get the franchise for that machine! How about Ladanian Tomlinson’s secret workout that appeared on the television program Sixty Minutes? Real secrets, BOSU, slide board and medicine ball, give me a break. Anyone can beat someone up and make him or her tired, but that is not training. Training is specific directed work with a goal and purpose. The message: Don’t train like the pros, train using good sound principles and methodology that takes advantage of the cumulative effect of training. You are invited to come and see the Venice Girls volleyball team train, they are more professional in their approach than most pros.


At 2/21/08, 6:43 PM, Blogger Dr Craig S. Duncan said...

Hey Vern great post and I couldnt agree more. Why train like a pro when like you say they dont really train. When are you coming back to Sydney it would be great to attend another seminar

At 2/21/08, 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post Vern. I am constantly trying to get this message through to parents, coaches, coaching directors. Thanks for the post on the Venice Girls as well. It's always helpful to see how someone else's thinking plays out in good design.

TIm Clark


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